Software to manually align volume ans surface

Hi neurostars!

My problem is the following: I have a nifti image of an anatomical template, and a gifti image of the corresponding extracted pial surface. When loading the two images with FSLEyes, it seems that they are not aligned.

I am looking for a software allowing me to move the mesh so that the two images are aligned. Does anyone know of any such software?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Alexis! Welcome to neurostars!

Which tool did you use to extract the surface? You may want to try with another viewer, it may be that FSLeyes didn’t show the surface at its correct location.

My suggestions: Freeview (from freesurfer) , or wb_viewer (WorkBench).

Indeed, using freeview yields aligned maps, as showed in the following screenshot.
The previous image was taken from FSLEyes, and I had obtained similar results with niivue-ui.

Moreover, it seems I can set the position offset of my mesh in freeview through a text input. It would be easier with a slider but I guess that’s a good start. In case anyone knows a handier solution, I’m interested :slight_smile: