Some subjects' native pial surface have different mesh topology compare to the corresponding wm in dHCP anat pipeline 3rd release

Summary of what happened:

I was intended to create some equivolumetric sufaces between pial and wm using connectome workbench’s “wb_command -surface-cortex-layer”, but quite a lot subjects failed due to “input surfaces do not have node correspondence”. So I checked the surface files of a failed subject, the vertex number and triangle (faces) number are exactly the same between pial, wm and mid thickness. But the there are lots of mismatched faces between pial and wm, while the all the faces of midthickness and wm are exactly the same. I am confused by this problem and looking for some suggestions to tickle this.

Command used : (using one failed subject as example)

wb_command -surface-cortex-layer


connectome workbench 1.5.0
data from dHCP 3rd release anat pipeline