Spatio Temporal regression on fMRI with Python


Any hint or solution to perform spatio-temporal regression on ICA results with Python?

Thank you!


@Alexandre_Savio - you may want to take a look at

Thanks Satra.

I may have to implement it myself. :slight_smile:

nilearn does have for now a private function to calculate loading coefficients using Ridge Regression in the DictLearning submodule. I tried it and tweaked it, but the results are not what I expected. I need these results to correlate well with loading coefficients that I’ve got using ICA in Mialab’s GIFT (Matlab).

For now I am using a function from GIFT to do the dual regression. :frowning:

I hope I can get some free time from my boss next year to implement dual regression in nilearn (if they want that).


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