SpikeSortingLoader.load_spike_sorting() is hung up

I am following this tutorial and for some reason when loading the spike data in a notebook the data is not loading. It loads some of the objects but then it gets hung up.

On this session… '034e726f-b35f-41e0-8d6c-a22cc32391fb' with the first probe it got hung up loading the /space/scratch/IBL_data_cache/churchlandlab/Subjects/CSHL045/2020-02-24/001/alf/probe01/pykilosort/spikes.amps.npy object.

On another session the depths object was causing the issue. It seems to be getting stuck on the fourth object it’s loading regardless of the identity of the object. Is there anything that might cause a server to stop loading the data midway? I will check if something is happening on my end as well.

from one.api import ONE
from ibllib.atlas import AllenAtlas
from brainbox.io.one import SpikeSortingLoader

ONE.setup(base_url='https://openalyx.internationalbrainlab.org', silent=True)
one = ONE(password='international')
one = ONE(cache_dir='/space/scratch/IBL_data_cache')

ba = AllenAtlas()

insertions = one.alyx.rest('insertions', 'list')

def get_insertion_indices(insertions, eidlist, datafield):
    Get the insertion indices for a given session and property
    :param insertions: list of insertions
    :param eid: session UUID
    :param property: property to filter on
    :return: list of indices    
    return [insertion.get(datafield) for insertion in insertions if insertion.get('session') in eidlist]

probe_ids = get_insertion_indices(insertions, eidlist=use_these[0], datafield='id')

sl = SpikeSortingLoader(pid=probe_ids[0], one=one, atlas=ba)

spikes, clusters, channels = sl.load_spike_sorting()

clusters_labeled = SpikeSortingLoader.merge_clusters(spikes, clusters, channels)

The code suddenly started working today, not sure why.