Spin-Test / Rotation of Atlases/Parcellations in MNI152 Space

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I would like to describe my problem to you here. Any help is appreciated!

Background: I am working with different atlases (e.g., Schaefer atlas) in MNI152 space that I used to calculate regional homogeneity of a study sample (resting-state fMRI; also in MNI152 space). To calculate null models, I need to rotate the atlas on a sphere (spin-test) several times.
As an example, see On testing for spatial correspondence between maps of human brain structure and function - ScienceDirect

Questions: [1] Do you know how to best implement this (codes, packages)? I guess I will have to transform the atlas in MNI152 space to a sphere/rotate and then transform back? [2] Is it also possible to transform a surface back to MNI152 space? Neuromaps states: Currently neuromaps only supports transforming brain annotations from MNI152 volumetric space to one of the other three surface-based coordinate systems (though work in ongoing to integrate transformations in the other direction!) ( Transformations between coordinate systems — neuromaps 0.0.4+51.gefef838 documentation (netneurolab.github.io))

Any help is appreciated!
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