SPM course in Edinburgh April 2019

Biennial SPM course is open for registration

It’s a three-part course, each part can be booked separately:

  • Absolute beginners (April 1) to get up to speed with basics in physics, bold, design and Matlab
  • Beginners: get the fundamental of preprocessing and GLM (lectures April 2nd, practice in a computer lab April 3rd)
  • Advanced: connectivity (April 4th) and multivariate methods (April 5th) - teaching and demonstrations/workshops with toolboxes authors

details on the webiste
email me for questions



Hi Cyril
Is this available online ?


all the lectures (previous years as well) are hosted on-line but that’s it - a key aspect is a full day at a computer for beginners and workshops with your laptop and that is difficult to do online.


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