SPM realigment when to reslice?

Hi all

I am using the following steps in order to pre-process my fMRI data using SPM 12.

  1. Slice time correction
  2. Realign: estimate & reslice (reslice only the mean functional image)
  3. Segmentation of the structural image (T1) to the standard space (I get the deformation fields and the bias-corrected T1)
  4. Coregistration (estimate only) of the mean functional with my bias-corrected structural image (T1), As “others” I select the functional images.
  5. Normalization of the functional volumes & T1 to the MNI using the deformation field from step 3.
  6. Smoothing of the normalized functional volumes

I have seen online slides that in step 2 (realignment) they also reslice the functional images. In the steps above, I only reslice the mean functional image. Is that a problem? Is that common? Any suggestion?