SPM to FSL to perform ICA-Aroma analysis, but the size of the input file and the mask is not the same

Hi everyone, I was trying to perform simple ICA-Aroma on my preprocessed fMRI data which was obtained using spm12 to have a decomposition (3D spatial map and 1D time series) to perform an automatic noise removal using deep learning techniques later. but I have a problem related to the size of my input file and the mask file. as it said that they should have the same size.
I am using the following command:
python2.7 ICA-AROMA/ICA_AROMA.py -i /home/u/.local/fmri/s0b01_preprocessed_image.nii -o /home/u/.local/fmri/output -tr 3 -mc /home/u/.local/fmri/motion.txt -m /home/u/.local/fmri/output_aroma/melodic.ica/mask.nii.gz -w /home/u/.local/fmri/output_aroma/melodic.ica/melodic_mix -np
where the input file is my preprocessed data from spm. i have searched a bit and it may be because I should change the space to MNI152 template but I don’t know how to do it or even if this is the right solution.
many thanks in advance.