Spot instance terminated twice but not outbid

Hello all,

Two days ago my spot instance was terminated even though spot price was well above max and pricing history. Some forums have mentioned that AWS can terminate instances if there is a lot of demand for the specific AZ that I chose for my instance (us-east-2c).

I launched another one using an AMI created from snapshot of my root device and it was again terminated within a day or so.

Information on latest spot instance termination:

type: r4.8xlarge
spot request id: sfr-af8bceb2-444f-4c44-a1f3-e33a9c90af3d)
cited reason: “server.SpotInstanceTermination: Spot instance termination”
AZ: us-east-2c

Any help would be appreciated!

I don’t know the answer to your question, but someone at might.

Thank you Chris! I’ll do that.