Starting to work with NiMARE questions


I am trying to use NiMARE for the first time to generate activation maps similar to what Neurosynth did in the past using specific search terms. I have downloaded the most up-to-date versions of NiMARE and Neurosynth, but when I try to execute the code to import the Neurosynth dataset once I open Python:
from neurosynth.base.dataset import Dataset

I get the following error:
ImportError: no module named neurosynth.base.dataset

Any suggestions and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hi @stephaniesteinberg,

My first suggestion is to avoid using the Neurosynth package completely, since it’s been deprecated in favor of NiMARE. If you want to import the Neurosynth dataset with NiMARE, you can follow the steps in this example.

I hope that helps.

Taylor Salo

Hi @tsalo,

Thanks! When I open python to run the initial three lines:

import os
from pprint import pprint
import nimare

I get an error: ImportError: no module called nimare

I tried to download nimare previously, and I can see a PS document called nimare on my computer. Do you have any suggestions to resolve this error?


Ahoi hoi @stephaniesteinberg,

could you maybe provide us with more details of your installation process, e.g. how you installed python and the packages, as well as where and how you run these commands (e.g. via ipython, jupyter notebook or IDE)?
It appears that the python environment you installed nimare in and the one you want to use to work with nimare are different.

Cheers, Peer

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