State clearly that pycortex does not work on Windows

I spent a few hours trying to install pycortex on my Windows machine, with different versions of python, searching on StackOverflow, etc.
Finally I came across the GitHub page Failed building wheel for pycortex ERROR Windows 10 · Issue #475 · gallantlab/pycortex · GitHub that states:

Apologies; we do not support windows installs. None of the developers work on windows, and it is currently outside our capacity to manage this type of cross-platform problem.

This should be clearly marked on the installation documentation in pycortex · PyPI

Hi @francis_vila and welcome to neurostars!

This sounds like something that would be better addressed by following up on the GitHub repo, rather than posting here.


Hi @Steven ,
I came here from a link in the page pycortex · PyPI page, which is the page for which I suggest an edit.

On the other hand, I can find no instance of, or mention of that page in the Github project.

I would think that issues raised in the Github project should refer only to files belonging to that project, or am I wrong?

Hi @francis_vila,

The documentation for the pycortex PyPi page is from the pycortex github repo.


found it!