Statistic Output (values) in FitLins

Hey guys,
I am a neuro master student. I’m not sure if I am wright at neurostars with my questions but lets hope the best.

I tried fitlins as alternative to SPM. I used the official example data set (rhyme_judgement) from the fitlins website. FitLins runs and I get a similar output as in the example output - so far so good!

Now, I am interested to compare the FitLins and SPM Output. Maybe this is a noob question but where can I find a statistic output of FitLins? I only see the glass brains and it looks nice but I don’t see any values. Maybe I am wrong but the glass brains have to base on statistic values, so the values have to exist anywhere but where are they stored in FitLins and how can I open them?

My supervisor told me that the statistic in FitLins works with AFNI, is this wright? Do I have to use AFNI for this kind of analysis?

Maybe someone can help me or can give me an advice where I can search for more information.


Hi Max,
In the output directory, alongside the HTML reports, there should be output files in nifti format (*.nii.gz)



That would be the t-stat map for the contrast “brightness” in task 'theusualsuspects"