Stop nipype to redo finished jobs

I rand into this problem a bunch of times. I’ve computed an ANTs registration and then it crashed after this step. When I tried to run it again it restarted the registration (which takes forever), and so erased the folder contents, even though everything was computed. I even set the flag to overwrite=False and it still overwrote it. Is there another way to force nipype to not overwrite jobs? To have everything deleted after an 8 hour registration marathon is a little bit frustrating.

It looks like some of your inputs changed, could it be the case?

Did your workflow crash after the completion of the Registration Node? Or after the completion of the registration but before the completion of the Node itself? If the Node hasn’t fully completed, it won’t know to cache.

If you set your logging level to DEBUG, it will show you at the start of execution why it is re-running (i.e., which inputs don’t match), this could provide hints.

You can use the ‘stop_on_first_rerun’ config flag to debug why nipype is attempting to rerun some nodes.

This was the case. The registration completed and then it crashed. Luckily I had a hunch it would delete the node. I copied the contents before re-running it and just fed the composite transform directly to the transform step.

Alright, I’ll try that, thanks!