Store iEEG electrode product id/name in *_electrode.tsv

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There is no specification for storage of electrode product id within *_electrodes.tsv, There is a column for manufacturer but not product_id (i.e. RD10R-SP07X). I think this is an important piece of information currently left out.

Has there been discussion on adding this as an optional column?


Hi @ggilmore you could add a custom column to your electrodes.tsv file and document it in electrodes.json

the electrodes.tsv file:

name	x	y	z	size	type	product_id
G1	421.0	85.0	n/a	4	surface	xre1
G2	387.0	79.0	n/a	4	surface	xre2
G3	351.0	80.0	n/a	4	surface	xre3

the electrodes.json file:

    "product_id": {
        "Description": "...",
        "Levels": {
            "xre1": "..."

See also the “tabular files” section.

Note that each “custom” column MUST be described in the JSON sidecar file. All other columns that are already described in the specification may also be described in the JSON sidecar file (I would recommend that, as it allows users to make sense of the columns without finding the part in the bids spec).

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@sappelhoff that is the exact solution I was looking for. Thank you for the quick reply!

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