Student Lead Journal Club

Hey NeuroStars! There was talk on slack about the potential for a monthly student-led journal club. People can post their ideas here for what sort of discussion the journal club should facilitate. The initial thought was for students to present research of interest to the course (Reproducibility, Open Science, Development, fMRI, etc.), but it can certainly be open to other topics if we would like. If you are interested please fill out the doodle poll with your monthly availability below (note the times are in EST)!

I’ll leave the poll open through the next week or so. I have just listed the most general times I am free throughout the month, so please feel free to do the same and we can see which times overlap most for everyone. Then, we can move forward and potentially schedule something for November!



Hey Neurostars! I will be closing this poll after the Q&A this Friday, so please fill it out if you have yet to do so!

Hey all!

The poll has been closed, and it looks like the two dates when most people can meet are November 4th from 3-4 PM EST (next week) and November 18th from 3-4 PM EST. Please comment below if you have a preference of which date we should meet. I would prefer 11/18 as it would give us time to set things up a bit more. I can also volunteer to do the first presentation on 11/18 unless anyone has a strong desire to present on that date.

Excited to get to meet everyone virtually soon!

Sorry, if I’ve missed any information discussed before.

Would one presentation each month be the general format of this and future meetings? Or are we yet to decide on it?

No problem! The idea was to do monthly journal clubs where a different student, or group of students, present an article of interest to the course.

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I am an observer student and wonder if the journal club will be open to us as well.

Hi Maegan. My understanding is that both observer and enrolled students are welcome to join the student led journal club!

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There hasn’t been anything else posted here and I have checked the course website on git hub. Do you know if there is anywhere we can go to get more information?

Because this is a purely student-led journal club I don’t have many details I can convey about it. Perhaps @jack_lovell would know more information?