Study ID and Study Instance UID

My sample folders are organized in this way.
I use Philips fMRI data from ADNI, and each subject has different imaging date numbers. In other words, multiple subjects with multiple sessions without any rule.

Every session (indicated as date; e.g. 20120103, 20130506) for each subject has same study id and study instance UID. Should the data has different study id or study instance UID for each session?

  • Myproject
    • Dicom2
      • 130S4883
        • 20120103
          • anat
          • func
        • 20130506
          • anat
          • func
      • 136S4517
        • 20140506
          • anat
          • func
        • 20151104
          • anat
          • func
        • 20161107
          • anat
          • func

And I used heudiconv on Linux terminal.
The code I used is attached below.

for subject in $(ls -1 /home/rrt/MyProject/Dicom2/); do
for session in $(ls -1 /home/rrt/MyProject/Dicom2/${subject/}); do
sudo docker run --rm -it
-v /home/rrt/MyProject:/base
-d /base/Dicom2/{subject}/{session}/* /*.dcm
-o /base/Nifti2_sess2/
-f /base/Nifti2_sess2/code/
-s ${subject}
-ss ${session}
-c dcm2niix -b

Hi @_JY

Thank you for your question! I may have missed something but I am unsure of the question. It appears that with the different sessions (listed as dates) will be under their associated sessions. May you please provide additional information on the study ID and study instance UID? This information appears to be helping link the sessions together?

Regarding HeuDiConv - this appears to be getting the dicominfo.tsv files to help generate your convert script. We have a tutorial that walks through how to use HeuDiConv