Sub-folders for functional scans

I am using dcm2bids to convert DICOMS into bids format. I’ve had success getting it all working, however, I have many functional scans (10) that would be better organized by task. How can I adapt my config file in order to have sub-directories within the func folder?

Here is an example of one of my scans from the json file:
“dataType”: “func”,
“modalityLabel”: “epi”,
“customLabels”: “task-sbtestFirst_run05”,
“criteria”: {
“SeriesDescription”: “ep2d_bold_p1_s3_5min_run3”
“sidecarChanges”: {
“TaskName”: “sbtestFirst”

Hi @ed11zq, and welcome to Neurostars!

As per the BIDS specification, you cannot have sub-directories within the modality folders (e.g., func).