Subj/MNI to MNI/Subj transformation and visualization in pycortex



Hello all,

I’m trying to do some fMRI analysis in a common space (e.g. MNI). I would then like to visualize this analysis using pycortex.

Pycortex does provide some functionality to transform to and from MNI space (wrapping fsl). However, I don’t think it is directly possible to use pycortex to visualize on top of a standard brain, e.g. MNI.

How would one go about doing something like that?



Wouldn’t nilearn.plotting support your needs?
Have you reviewed nilearn’s plotting utilities?


Thanks. I’ll have a look at nilearn.

However I’m trying to do this still using pycortex specifically. Pycortex generates the best looking flat maps out there and offers a lot of flexibility regarding the appearance of the plots. I already extensively use it for all my other analysis.