Suggestions for recording heart rate at 7T for motor paradigm involving bilateral foot and hand movements


Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with how best to record heart rate at 7T? We typically use the Siemens provided PPU unit, however, in some initial pilot scans, we struggled to maintain good signal throughout the experiment. This is most likely because participants are required to perform motor tasks with both hands and feet, and PPU recordings are extremely sensitive to movement. We have tried placements on the big toe and the pinky finger (only finger not being used for responses).

There is the option to only have unilateral foot movements if PPU placement on the toe can give good, stable signals.

Otherwise, I think we might also have access to a cardiac belt as additional on-site recording equipment. Anything else we would have to order, but that is also a possibility.

I’ve done a few literature searches and haven’t really come across any articles that systematically go through and investigate different methods of recording heart rate (e.g., PPU vs. ECG belt) or different recording locations.

I should point out that the main area of focus for the study is brain activation in the cerebellum and brainstem.

Thanks in advance,