Support the EPSRC/MRC Neurodevelopmental Network Reliability Group

RESPECT 4 Neurodevelopment is an EPSRC/ MRC funded UKRI-Network Plus; which aims to make transformative changes in developing child-specific neurotechnologies for the clinic and home. One of the missions of the network is to understand issues around Reliability in EEG, fNIRS and MRI in Neurodevelopment.

:microscope::brain::baby: We need your support in writing a White Paper that discusses the reliability of neurotech by completing a 10 min questionnaire about what reliability means to you and the procedures you follow in your lab or company to assess reliability. Please find the questionnaire in the link below and complete it before 15th of January 2024.

Many thanks from the EPSRC/MRC Neurodevelopmental Network Reliability Group.