Suppress output of in jupyter

How to suppress or redirect output from executing with a multiproc plug in when running from a jupyter notebook?

Didn’t work:
config: log to file

MIght have something to do with silent=True, but unsure how to set this.

The config display may be the working option, but what I really want is to simply pipe that output to a text file. Displaying in the jupyter notebook causes the notebook to freeze if there are too many lines (e.g. thousands).

At one point I tried something as mentioned here:

But I found it kind of annoying as I needed to modify my jupyter notebook config quite a bit to get this to work, and had to redo everything I spun up a new VM…

One thing I’ve done in other scripts uses a LinePrinter class… which will keep overwriting the current output buffer wth the latest code… I’m not sure how hard it would be to add this function into the for streaming STDOUT…

class LinePrinter():
Print things to stdout on one line dynamically
def init(self,data):

output = "Processed: %d files " % (files_found )

I was going to see if I can start squashing some of these output messages— Can someone point me to the file(s) that generate some of the STDOUT ? I tried grepping around using some of the key words I saw in the output stream, but didn’t find any obvious hits…