Surface-based ROI MVPA tool?

Hi everyone,

I have my outputs from fmriprep, and I would like to run a surface-based MVPA analysis on some ROIs.I found some tools and methods to run a searchlight analysis on surface data, but I didn’t find anything about using precomputed ROIs to mask the MVPA analysis as you would normally do in a volume-based MVPA analysis.

Any suggestion?


Surface analysis can be done following the same logic as volumetric ROI-based analysis: find a suitable parcellation (I like Schaefer); use the parcellation to identify which vertices are in each ROI/parcel, extract those timecourses, and do the analysis. I use R; some examples of working with surfaces and parcels are in my knitr gifti tutorial. I have a draft leave-one-subject-out classification SVM using surfaces (gifti, afni, libsvm) that will be public soon; let me know and I can send you a copy earlier, if you want to pursue that route.

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I already saw your tutorials, and they helped a lot (especially because I am not that familiar with surface-based analysis). If you can send me the draft that would be great - my email is