Survey on image preprocessing of Diffusion MRI data

Image preprocessing is an essential part of the analysis of diffusion MRI (dMRI) data. In this process, we ultimately aim to improve the visual and statistical interpretation of our dMRI analyses by removing or reducing signal fluctuations that don’t have a biophysical origin. Thermal noise, subject motion, and various imaging artifacts have been identified as such sources of unwanted signal fluctuations.

When designing a preprocessing pipeline, hundreds of choices need to be made. It has been demonstrated that various combinations of those choices might impact the outcome of your dMRI analysis significantly. However, few steps to standardization have been taken.

With a survey, we now aim to get some insight in the variability in preprocessing strategies and preferences that have been adopted within our scientific community. The survey is the first part of the “Best practices in dMRI preprocessing” project that has been initiated by the Diffusion Study Group (DSG) of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM).

We estimate that completing the survey will take about 7 minutes. We hope that you’ll find the time to contribute to this project by following this
link and answer the questions that we have for you.

For questions about this survey or the “Best Practices in dMRI preprocessing” project, please contact