SVD error from heudiconv

Hi folks,

When converting some very old/odd DICOM scans with heudiconv we’re getting a “Embedder Error: SVD doesn’t converge”.

I’ve tried to isolate the source of this error but with no luck. In particular, I’ve searched through the heudiconv and dcm2niix repos and can’t even find the string “SVD”.

Any ideas/hints appreciated!


@nicholst i don’t know if this is still an issue, but embedder errors usually mean something went wrong with the dcmstack parsing of metadata. If you use the --minmeta flag, it should solve this problem.

Thanks for this!

At this point we’ve pushed ~20k subjects of old clinical data through heudiconv and experienced a constellation of errors on ~15% of sessions, this SVD one just being one of them – some fatal, but many producing seemingly valid NIFTI+json.

We’re on deadline now, but we hope to take time afterwards to catalog all the problems we experienced and lodge issues (and maybe PRs :slight_smile: to help improve heudiconv.

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