Symposium on Parkinson's disease: Current insights on MRI and inflammation biomarkers

University of Montreal, Department of Neuroscience is organizing a Symposium on Parkinson’s disease

May 3, 2019, in Montreal, Canada.

Key Speakers:
Roger Barker, Francesca Cicchetti, Antonio Strafella, Janelle Drouin-Ouellet, Thomas M. Durcan, Ashley S. Harms, Kenneth Marek, Diana Matheoud, Anurag Tandon, Malu G. Tansey, Michela Deleidi, Louis-Éric Trudeau, Andrew D. Siderowf, Richard Youle.

This Symposium aims to outline to current results and research directions in the early triggers and biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease, from an MRI, PET, inflammation, morphopathology and genetics perspectives.

Early registration deadline: 1st March 2019.

more details at:

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