Syncing PsychoPy with the MRI scanner

We would like to run an fMRI task experiment with PsychoPy and need to set up PsychoPy to receive triggers from the MRI scanner so we can sync the two.

To do this we are connecting the PC to the SIEMENS Magnetom Vida MRI scanner by means of the Nordic Neuro lab sync box. The connection between the PC and sync box is via a serial port.

We are creating the PsychoPy experiment with the Builder and using the Serial Out (Beta) component to allow communication between the PC and the MRI scanner (via the sync box). In order to set up the experiment such that it receives syncing triggers from the MRI, we are selecting the ‘Get Response?’ option in the Data tab of the Serial Out (Beta) component, as shown in the attached screenshot below.

Is this the right approach to sync PsychoPy with the scanner, or do we need any additional code? We have tried posting to the PsychoPy forum but haven’t had any feedback thus far.