System biology approaches apply to neurological diseases

Hi Folks! Anyone work with network/system biology apply to neurological diseases?
Currently I work with gene expression and networks on Cytoscape.
And I like to know more about this research area!

I have used systems biology approaches to analyze genetic networks in schizophrenia. Let me know if you need help
Best wishes

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I have used this pipeline

  • string
  • cytoscape: MCODE, Cytohubba, Bingo and Cluego

But I actually dont know what is the best algorithms and the best approach.
The data is smaller (the networks are made by 3000 deferentially expressed genes, I suppose.)

What are you trying to analyze in your network of 3000 genes? You can start by analyzing their global and local network properties to get an idea of your gene regulatory network. You can see how the differentially expressed genes form modules and if these modules regulate specific biological processes, molecular function and cellular processes