Tab completion not working with datalad commands

Since I install datalad tab completion hasn’t work with datalad commands, when I press the tab key nothing happens. I can use it to autocomplete paths to files involved in a datalad commands but not for the command itself. It works fine with other commands such as git commands. According to the datalad documentation:

Tab-completion will autocomplete a DataLad command, options you give to it, or paths.

I’m using datalad 0.14.4 on fedora 33.

how did you “install” it and what is your shell?

here is how I did it and it seems to work (prompt got a bit weird): untitled - asciinema after I did source <(datalad shell-completion) in a bash shell

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Thanks, after some tweaking I got it working. I had to install argcomplete:
pip install argcomplete
and then run the shell completion script as you indicated:
source <(datalad shell-completion)

I guess that in order to make it permanent I would have to add it to my .bashrc file:
datalad shell-completion >> ~/.bashrc

Thanks! hopefully ENH: log an ERROR if argcomplete fails to import by yarikoptic · Pull Request #5781 · datalad/datalad · GitHub would prevent fishing expedition like you had to go through.

re dumping to ~/.bashrc – I guess you could do that. Can then sanitize and remove ZSH_VERSION zsh compatibility kludge.

Thanks! that was a super quick fix.

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