Tabular file not recognized bids-validator

Hi everyone,

So in the process of putting data into BIDS for the first time, and despite extensive reading of the specification for Bids v1.8.0 I get the NOT_INCLUDED error, when using the [bids-validator] for one file type.
If my understanding is correct, from here, I am allowed to have any tabular files (.tsv) that is not _events.tsv. In my case, it’s a run-info_reward.tsv that contains 3 columns with snake_case headers and in utf-8 encoding.
Would you have an idea what I am missing, and why the validator would give me the not_included error for that file type?

Here the example of one run:
Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 1.36.24 PM

The error:

Note that the other files don’t generate any error.

And the file in question

Thank you in advance for any light you could shed on this!

That looks like it should probably be events.tsv, not reward.tsv.

Other suggestions:

  • rename your column event_type → trial_type (this is the suggested name in the BIDS spec)
  • you will want onset to be first column and duration to be the second column

I actually have another separate file I intend for events (related to stimuli) that you can’t see but I thought like you, maybe without an event file then I can’t get another tsv so I gave that a try but it didn’t change anything I still get the error.

Well, the documentation for tabular files that are not _events.tsv says there is no restriction on the header name (unlike the standard used for the events file). I’ll still give that a try, but I don’t think this will solve it.

I missed that important sentence in your first message.

So that section of the specification is about the rules to follow for tables in bids GIVEN that they have a file name that is allowed. It is not meant to be a generic rule that says: “any tsv file following those rule will be valid”. Sorry for the confusion.

So indeed the _reward.tsv will not be allowed because reward is not a valid suffix.

Is there any specific reason why you cannot put the content of this reward.tsv in the events.tsv?