Task information section in OpenNeuro doesn't show the information correctly

We have a dataset on OpenNeuro that includes resting state ASL and task-based fMRI scans. I recently updated the dataset and added the ASL data. But now in the “Available Tasks” section doesn’t show the name of the task used in task-based fMRI scans. I uploaded snapshots of previous version and current version task info section. I’d appreciate any suggestions about how I can fix the issue.


hi @pnn

thank you for your message. may you please share your dataset number so I may take a bit closer look?

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Hi @franklin
Sure. Our dataset number is: ds003151.
Thanks for looking into this issue!

hi @pnn

quick update - we are looking into this, it may take a little bit to resolve (a couple of team members are on vacation)

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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@pnn The validator generates its task list by checking json files for the TaskName field:

I wasn’t able to find that field defined in any of the json files available on s3 from the current snapshot. I haven’t gone back to look at previous snapshots.

From the spec TaskName isn’t allowed in the asl.json files but is allowed in sbref.json files. I think adding a TaskName to any of the sbref.jsons should get it to show back up in OpenNeuro when a new snapshot is published.

Let me know what you think.

Validator should maybe pull the task name from the entity labels of filenames. Made a new issue regarding this:

I’m sorry for the late reply and thank you for your suggestion. I added the TaskName field to one of the json file and the issue has been resolved.
I have a question though hope you don’t mind me asking. The sbref.json files are similar to the original ones and we didn’t modify them. But in the the original version (the one without ASL files), the validator was able to pickup the task name and it was shown correctly on the database page. I was wondering if adding ASL files interfered with the validator ability to pickup the task name.
Please let me know what your thoughts are about this. Thanks