TDT prevalence inference - confusion matrix

Hi all,
I use TDT v 3.999F and I’m trying to run a prevalence-inference on confusion matrixes (CM). I can create my original CMs and also the permutated CMs.

But when running the code …
prevalenceTDT(inputimages, 1e6,‘stats’,0.05,‘confusion_matrix’);

… I always get an error message:
“Input measure confusion_matrix is not numeric, aborting”

It seems like “prevalence_loaddata.m” looks into the mat-files of the original and permutated CMs as “a{k, i}”, but cannot find it since it is in “a{k, i}{1}”.

Is there a way to easily fix this overall in the code? (I haven’t looked into all the dependencies of the code).

Thanks for any feedback - Sascha