Tedana shifts my dataset from MNI to tlrc space

Hello folks,

I got a warning when doing some 3dcalc.
“WARNING: Template space of dataset mask_epi_anat.Sujet2+tlrc does not match space of first dataset”
The first dataset being the blured output from tedana.

So I checked the space of the input of tedana :

3dinfo -space pb03.Sujet2.r01.e01.volreg+tlrc

3dinfo -space pb04.Sujet2.r01.combine+tlrc

Why is that so ?
I will carry on looking for some answer, but it is very odd.
Here is my command for tedana use :

tedana -d pb03.$subj.r$run.e*.volreg+tlrc.HEAD
-e $echo_times
–mask mask_epi_anat.$subj+tlrc.HEAD
–out-dir tedana_r$run

that’s all folks, thanks for any help.

I believe this is something nilearn does with its masking/unmasking functions. I do not think it is a tedana problem but we will surely have a look.

In any case, you can fix it with AFNI’s 3drefit command.

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Okay, thanks a lot.
It seems that the datasets are aligned with the mask (I visualized it with AFNI and MRICRON, and the overlay perfectly).
I guess I can just change the view with 3dresample ?

Yes. Changing the view should work just fine.

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