Tedana v0.0.12 - can't read metrics.tsv file

Hi all,

I’ve just updated my tedana version from 0.0.8 to 0.0.12, and am updating my wrapper scripts to interact with the new output formats. I’m running into difficulty with the desc-tedana_metrics.tsv file. When I try to open this using bids-matlab tool bids.util.tsvread, I get the error “Varying number of delimiters per line.” This seems to be because the accepted components don’t have an entry for the “rationale” column. Would it be possible for a future tedana release to add something to this column for accepted components, like “N/A,” so that the tsv file can be read by the bids-matlab tools?



Sometimes its the simple things that cause the most issues. I’ll take a look at this - its an easy fix, but want to make sure other devs don’t have other plans for that empty space.

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It looks like tedana already fills empty cells with “n/a” in its tsv files (see here).