'tfmgr' problem while Integrating new template into TemplateFlow

Hi @oesteban and the templateflow users,
I have been working on merging a new adolescent template to templateFlow. While following the instructions from [Submitting a new template - TemplateFlow], I got some complain from the tfmgr tool.
It looks like the tfmgr tool has been updated after the tutorial is created, do you have experiences regarding this issue? Thanks! The template files and liscence are ready.
The GitHub issue is here: [Add template: China Typical school-age children · Issue #85 · templateflow/templateflow · GitHub].
Qing (Vincent)

Hi Qing,

We are currently revising the templateflow submission pipeline, and ironing around the corners (which are plenty). I will let you know over here as soon as the new processes are set in place.

Sorry about the inconvenience - we are overwhelmed with maintenance and responding much slower than we would like.


Thanks for your reply, I understand. Just take your time and we can deal with this problem later.
Qing (Vincent)

Hi, Oscar,
Hope everything goes well. How is the templateflow updating going? One of my friend just reminded me about the integration of the template.
Qing Wang (Vincent)

Hi Vincent,

We have just concluded an overhaul of the template submission system, and it should be ready for you to try. I can’t promise you won’t hit any snags, but it is way more reliable it used to be.

You’ll need:

  1. Install the development version of the manager: pip install git+https://github.com/templateflow/python-manager.git
  2. Make sure you have your username and password for https://osf.io ready. It will be easier if you set them with:
    export OSF_USERNAME='<your username, typically an e-mail>'
    export OSF_PASSWORD='<your password>'
  3. Make sure you have a GitHub account with personal access token with sufficient permissions (Creating a personal access token - GitHub Docs). Once you have this info, export it too:
    export GITHUB_TOKEN='ghp_<token>'
    Please note that GitHub has recently deprecated old tokens and now they must have a prefix like ghp_ to be valid.
  4. Organize your template with TemplateFlow’s structure and nomenclature. Make sure you have a template_description.json with all relevant metadata, such as species and funding sources. For now on, let’s say you create a copy with your files organized under $HOME/templateflow-outbound/tpl-NewTemplateID
  5. Initiate the submission process:
    pushd $HOME/templateflow-outbound
    tfmgr add tpl-NewTemplateID
    The tool will again ask for your github username and password (instead of the password, you should use your token again).

That should end with a PR automatically opened at https://github.com/templateflow/templateflow which we can review and give you feedback.

Let us know how it went down.