The BIDS Connectivity Project: project updates, getting involved and next steps

We are thrilled to announce the next phase of the BIDS Connectivity Project—an ambitious endeavor aimed at extending BIDS to also cover data related to connectivity analyses (funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative 1R01MH126699-01).

The BIDS Connectivity Project focuses on expanding the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) standard to incorporate derivatives related to macroscopic brain connectivity. This expansion will allow scientists to leverage cutting-edge advancements in brain connectivity research and effectively report their findings. But we need your valuable input and feedback to make this project a resounding success!

We are currently working on three BIDS extension proposals (BEPs) that will positively influence the field of brain connectivity:

  1. BEP38 Brain Atlases: Enhancing our understanding of the brain’s intricate regions and structures by incorporating comprehensive brain atlases into BIDS.

  2. BEP17 Relationship and Connectivity Matrices: Enabling scientists to describe and share complex relationships and connectivity patterns derived from various data modalities.

  3. BEP39 Dimensionality Reduction-Based Networks: Integrating dimensionality reduction techniques into BIDS to capture the high-dimensional complexity of brain data and their lower-dimensional representation.

Besides these BEPs, we also made significant progress on BEP16, ie DWI derivatives, and started the development of BEPs focusing on tractography and white matter tracts.

We believe that collaboration is the key to success. We invite you to join our initiative by providing your invaluable feedback on these BIDS extension proposals. We value your expertise and insights and believe your contribution will be instrumental in realizing this project.

To facilitate collaboration and discussions, we are excited to announce that a second in-person workshop will be held during the upcoming OHBM BrainHack (you can find the corresponding project submission here). This will provide an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded researchers, brainstorm ideas, and contribute to the development of these BIDS extensions.

Please visit our website for more information, get in contact and provide feedback on the proposed BIDS extensions. We look forward to your active participation and making this ambitious project a resounding success.

Best regards,

Peer, Kim and Franco for the BIDS Connectivity Project Team

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