The interaction contrast from factorial design for TDT

Dear experts,

Hi, I’m trying to analyze my date based on the factorial design using TDT.
My experimental design includes 2 X 2 factors, such as A1B1, A1B2, A2B1, and A2B2.
My main interest is the effect of A1B1 condition.
Thus, is it correct to use the interaction contrast ((A1B1 - A1B2) - (A2B1 - A2B2))
and describe as follows,
cfg = decoding_describe_data
(cfg,{’A1B1’,’A1B2’, ‘A2B1’, ‘A2B2’},[1 -1 -1 1], regressor_names, beta_loc);

For univariate analyses, I think such value setting is common.
Is it also appropriate for MVPA?
If it’s not, are there any other methods to clarify an interaction contrast?

Thank you for your help.