The quality of the freesurfer surface reconstrcution

Hello everyone:
I have one question about the quality of the freesurfer surface reconstruction. The tutorial for the HCPpipeline (Installation and Usage Instructions · Washington-University/HCPpipelines Wiki · GitHub) mentioned that “FreeSurfer 7.X is not currently supported due to poor quality surface reconstructions.” Is there any problem with the Freesurfer 7? But the freeprep of the current stable version uses the Freesurfer 7.3.2 (Installation — fmriprep version documentation). Is there any evidence about the quality of surface reconstruction? Thank you very much for any suggestions!

all Freesurfer parcellations have inaccuracies, regardless of which version - it’s all about doing proper QC, and ignoring the errors that would likely not affect your analysis.

its easy and fast to QC Freesurfer outputs:

check out our paper showing error frequencies:

Thank you very much!Great work!

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