The query of MRIQC web api


How can I query MRIQC web API with the possibility to change parameters (TR,TE…)?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Sorry I am a bit confused. Why would you want to change TR or TE, unless it was not transferred correctly from your scanner?

Yes, indeed I am sorry about that.
We’re trying the project of mriqception (, a tool that graphs the IQMs measures (image quality metrics) from one’s own data set versus data from the web api.

We attempt to construct a query to compare our group IQMs with those extracted from the web API that matches our scanning parameters.

Example of parameters to filter the query of MRIQC web API server:
RepetitionTime, MultibandAccelerationFactor, EchoTime, MagneticFieldStrength

So far, we’ve tried using, but we haven’t been able to access or modify any parameter.

This issue was already discussed in Accessing Web API a year ago without a solution in the end.

Any assistance would be much appreciated!