The subfunction of r-to-z for TDT

hi all,
In the standard RSA analysis, the correlation coefficients of each paired coditions need to submitted for r-to-z transformation, but I conn’t find any subfunction of TDT to performe the r-to-z analysis. So whether the r-to-z function is included in the TDT?

Hi Yanqing,

Apologies for the late reply. I’m not sure I understand entirely. Are you talking of the comparison between a model RDM and an RDM from the data?

In any case, if you use “similarity” as a method, then you can choose ‘zcorr’ or ‘zco’ as an option. In principle you can add more options if you like. Check pattern_similarity.m in decoding_software/pattern_similarity or type help pattern_similarity into the command line.