Thoughts on group analyses

I’ve completed the MindBoggle analyses on a study and now I’m stuck on how to approach statistical analyses. It’s not clear how to use the surface based vtk files to run a voxelwise analyses. Do you have any suggestions?

I was hoping for something similar to FreeSurfer’s qdec analyses.


Naomi –

I’m afraid we’ve conducted our statistical analyses on a case-by-case basis. You are more than welcome to run analyses as we did to distinguish groups in our 2017 PLoS Comp Bio paper. The tables of shape measures derived from the surface-based VTK files can be analyzed just as you would volume measures. To analyze the VTK files directly, recall that each vertex has coordinates in native as well as in MNI152 space in the vertices.csv files, so you could situate them in volumetric space for further analysis.