Time as a dimensionality reduction

I’m passionate about the concept of time and how the brain use it.
I was thinking what will happen if we imagine brain without time. what will happen or how it will act?
I have an example for function of time in the brain:
consider we are creatures that lives in a 2D world( a page - like as flatland) and there is 3D sphere above the page. if we want to perceive it, we need that sphere touch and cross the page gradually(like this image: image ), so we will see a dot that will reshaped to a circle while expanding diameter and then be contracted to reach dot again. So despite that we are in 2D world, we can perceive a 3D object(sphere). This happen if we can follow gradual change in circles appear on the page, so it need time. So I guess what time does here, is dimensionality reduction so we can perceive higher dimensions. I just wonder if time only can reduced dimension by degree of 1 or it can be more. Anyone has any idea?!!
P.S.: I’m so interested to do research on time, so if you have any PhD position for it, please let me know.

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