To be added to our group for potential GSoC contributors

@malin hey, please add me to the group for potential GSoC contributors.

@malin I went through the list of projects for GSoC 2022, though being a begginer i couldn’t comprehend the same. Kindly help.

Hi Sumit, I’d be happy to help you - what sort of project are you looking for?

@malin I am going through the description link you’ve sent me.
Though going by the names of different projects I could only say I have knowledge in javascript(nodejs, react) and python (selenium), MS Office. I have keen interest towrds developing human like interface(chatbots etc) using knowledge available on internet.
I have done graduation in Information Science and is presently studying law.

We do have a couple of projects that use javascript. Do you have any experience of Jupiter notebooks? Experience with git? You could have look at project 3.1 The Turing Way: A how-to guide to data science (175/350 h) that has some UX and UI work in it.

  1. BIDS Computational Modeling projects
  2. Turing Way project
  3. AnalySim projects - This is the one I could start with.
  4. Integrate TVB with Zenodo
  5. Brian simulator projects
    Kindly let me know how I should go about it.

Yes, I could begin with 3.1 The Turing Way: A how-to guide to data science (175/350 h) also.
I do not have prior knowledge in Jupyter. I could learn.

For each, I suggest you first use the Neurostars post for each to contact the mentor(s). The mentor(s) responsible for contact should be tagged in the post. Introduce yourself, say you are interested, and ask what the first steps are. They might suggest something to read or a demo to try out. If there is documentation of the project, that is usually a good place to start. When you feel like you know the project well enough, you can start developing your project plan and share a draft with your mentors for feedback.

If you have not yet done so, make sure to read the GSoC Contributor guide. It has good advice for all steps of the program.

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