Tool for 3d/4d visualization of distance matrix on brain surface

Is there currently any tool for 3d/4d visualization of a distance matrix on cortical surface

I have a central point and I want to visualize how far some row’s are from the central point, apparently some sort of a graph with nodes and edges. I want to produce this image for a paper comparing two groups of sample

Hi @Reubebe,

I doubt anything like this exists for the sole purpose of plotting distance matrices, but given the value you want to assign to each ROI, you can use nilearn to plot your stat map on a surface (where in your case, the stat map would have each voxel’s value would be the distance associated with the voxel’s ROI).


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So what I want to do is - I have a central coordinate and I want to draw edges from the central node with known distances to other nodes multiple roi’s on a surface.

If you want to draw edges between a set of ROIs you can use a brain connectivity visualizer like BrainNet Viewer or Connectome Workbench for surface brain data.

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The BrainNet viewer did the magic

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