Tools for interactive scoring of physiological data?

Hi all,

At our lab, we’ve been using a homegrown tool (eegscore, written in Matlab) for scoring / censoring our physio data — it’s basically a “show me the wiggly line and let me mark the bad parts” kind of thing. We score EMG, skin conductance, and (I think) respiration, EKG, and pulseox signals with it. Ironically, we don’t use it for EEG scoring.

Our tool is old and crufty, though, and we’re thinking about writing a new one in python.

But! Before we do so, we figured every similar lab must be doing this same thing, and they’re probably all rolling some similar tool. Are there tools out there that are widely-used and good? We’re aware of ledalab… are there others?


I’ve never tried this feature personally, but MNE-Python can write annotations using the raw viewer: