Tractography based on diffusion MRI data

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For the past few weeks I have been trying to implement some tractography algorithms to understand more about the process. Majority of the literature based on tractography talk about DTI being used and also having limitations since it performs poorly when there are many fiber populations. I had implemented DTI based analysis in DSI Studio. No I am looking forward to implement other algorithms like deep learning, machine learning and Q ball space. Does anyone have any recommendation or place where I can get some tutorials or publicly shared implementations?

Iā€™m not from this field but dipy provides tractography implmented open-source and in Python

Hi @tbazeille thanks for the response. I had a look at dipy. They have some images stored in the repository itself.

TractSeg (paper) is a neat tool that uses convolutional neural networks to produce fiber bundles. It is open source and has good documentation.


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Hi @Steven thanks for the recommendation.