Tracula: Suggestions for along-the-tract analyses?


I was wondering if anyone here has run analyses using tracula’s “along-the-tract” measures before?

I am hoping to perform groupwise comparisons along all 18 tracts tracula reconstructs, however I wish to have a better understanding of where each point provided maps to in MNI space. I am also concerned about potential multiple comparison issues.

I was wondering if anyone had advice on:

  1. Whether points along the tracts should be examined individually or if they can be grouped meaningfully together?

    • E.g. separating points along the ILF into posterior, medial, and anterior segments
  2. If the former option in 1) is preferred (i.e. not grouping points together), are there some preferred options for comparison corrections beyond the standard bonferonni/fdr correction methods?

Thank you for any clarification/help given!