Training opportunities before Neuroinformatics 2019 in Warsaw, August 31

Some places are still available at the INCF training courses in Warsaw on August 31, the day before Neuroinformatics 2019. All courses are free to attend for registered participants.

The TVB WS explains fundamental principles of full brain network modeling using the TVB open source( neuroinformatics platform. Lectures & hands-on sessions allow participants to immediately apply concepts from the lectures to their simulations.

The HBPBrainSim short course introduces participants to the Brain Simulation Platform (BSP). After the course participants will be able to use the BSP to access HPC systems to configure & run simulations and visualize & analyze simulation results.

The course ‘Neuroscience data integration through use of digital brain atlases’, a combination of lectures & hands-on training, introduces participants to a workflow for spatial integration of morphological features in a 3D reference atlas.

See for more information.

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@malin, do you have any information about how to register? I visited webpage of the workshops and it currently says:

More information about how to register coming soon!

That is unfortunately the current stage of things, we have asked them to send us a link to their registration, and they haven’t sent it yet. We should get it soon, so please check back. If you send me an email on I will add you to the list of people we will email with a notification when the details are in place.