Transforming fiducials between standard spaces

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this post belongs in this forum but I’m not sure where else I would post it. I’m wondering if there’s commonly used transformation matrices for transforming between different standard spaces (ex: mni305, mni152, fsLR, mni15nonlinasym, colin27 etc.). I have fiducials from multiple datasets that I’d like to compare in these different spaces but don’t have the original subject volumes to compute the transformations (I know this isn’t ideal but it’s what I’m working with). Freesurfer wiki lists how to transform points between mni305 and mni152 with a given transformation matrix so I’m looking for something similar with these other standard spaces. If anyone knows if these exist and can point me to them I’d be very appreciative. As a bonus, does anyone know if some of these volumetric standard spaces have available freesurfer reconstructions? I found one for MNI152nonlimasymc but it would be nice if those exist for others. If anyone knows of these please let me know when you get the chance.

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