Transforming to the Jacobian Domain

I need to understand what is tx in ANTspy
Can the TX be the MNI152_T1_1mm_brain.nii.gz file?
Using flirt, I aligned the T1w together by setting one T1w image as the reference and aligned the rest on it.
The ref T1w was transformed to MNI152 first before using it. Now I want to use ants to transform to the Jacobian domain, So what’s the correct way to use the below function to transform the T1w images to jacobian?

def create_jacobian_determinant_image(domain_image, tx, do_log=False, geom=False):
    Compute the jacobian determinant from a transformation file
    ANTsR function: `createJacobianDeterminantImage`

    domain_image : ANTsImage
        image that defines transformation domain
    tx : string
        deformation transformation file name
    do_log : boolean
        return the log jacobian
    geom : bolean
        use the geometric jacobian calculation (boolean)

    >>> import ants
    >>> fi = ants.image_read( ants.get_ants_data('r16'))
    >>> mi = ants.image_read( ants.get_ants_data('r64'))
    >>> fi = ants.resample_image(fi,(128,128),1,0)

Hi @Yasmine,

tx refers to the transformation of interest, as produced by ANTs. The jacobian determinant is a property related to the transform, and is not a space to align images to.


So MNI152 can be the transformation of interest, for example?

The transformation to MNI, yes. But for this to work you will probably have to use ANTs to register, I doubt it will accept FLIRT files.

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