Tresholding of Neurovault collections

I uploaded data to a collection on NeuroVault. From what I understand, Neurovault always displays unthresholded maps in order to facilitate meta-analyses, which I really appreciate! However, it seems like there is still some automatic tresholding going on, which is different between maps (e.g., when I click on the red blob above my data, for one Tmap I see 5-14, and for a different one its 1-4). My question is, what is this automatic function, as it doesn’t seem to correspond to viewing the data uncorrected in SPM?

Moreover, if I want to share the data with another researcher, is there a way in NeuroVault to provide the tresholding values that I have used to create thresholded figures that are included in my paper, in order for this researcher to look at my data, and see the data thresholded in the same way I see it in SPM?

Thank you!

This is an automatic feature of the Papaya viewer and can be controlled in the UI:

The threshold does not correspond to any statistical inference procedure and is used only for visualization purposes.

This is currently not supported, but such contribution would be welcomed. Please submit your patches and pull request at